BDB Pale #1

bdbstandBDB fired up again on 03.23.2013, this time it was to begin work on BDB’s year round pale ale (name T.B.D). With the pale we are trying to achieve a malt forward lingering string hop finish session beer.

This brew day consisted of 2 separate batches, same grain bill and hop additions but 2 different types if water. One batch was made with RO water from a local water treatment plant and the other was Jamie’s tap water filtered twice though carbon, you can see the grain bill and hops used at the end of this post.

A chilly morning with temps hovering around 36˚ and finally topping out at 45˚ later in the afternoon. Your fearless brewers for these batches would be myself and Jamie M. with Matt C. helping out with the worse part of any brew day…..clean-up.

Water was heated at 8am and we mashed in around 8:30am with the first batch using the RO water. We were shooting for a mash temp of 153˚ but missed high with the temp. sticking around 160˚. Mash out, the boil, and cooling all went as planned.

The second batch was started around 10:15am. We utilized tap water ran through a double carbon filter. We are again were shooting for a mash temp of 153˚ but missed high again with the temps coming in around 165˚, as with the first batch mash out, the boil and cooling all went to plan. We pitched the yeast for both batches then stuck them in the fermentation chamber and started cleanup.

Over all the brew day was a success; we learned that we need to recalibrate the sight glass on the kettles & calculate the strike water temp. better.

Grain % of bill
2-Row 72%
Toasted Pale 18%
60L 5%
Wheat Flakes 5%