Brew Day: Zippy’s Red Ale & Haley’s Hefeweizen

Early Morning Start

Early Morning Start

BDB was back at it again with another brew day. This time we were brewing an amber and hefeweizen.

Another early morning at BDB. Jamie, Nate, and myself were ready to go at 7 AM with temps in the mid 40’s with a full day of sun.

We brewed Zippy’s Red Ale first which we intend to use as one of our “year round” beers. The brew went as planned and we hit our mash temp on the nose which was something we struggled with while brewing Daisy’s Pale a few weeks ago. The mash out and 75 minute boil all went as planned and all of us were happy with the process.



Next up on the docket was Haley’s Hefeweizen. With 3 people brewing today we were getting things done a lot quicker than we normally would and this led to some timing issues. We mashed in early with the hefe which probably would have been fine but the amber had a 75 minute boil thus leading to a ~85 min mash. The good news was the temps held close to 152° which what our optimal mash temp was so I thought we would have great efficiency…. but we thought we sparged with to much water when the pre-boil gravity was 1.026. The post boil OG came in at 1.038 which was pretty close to what Beersmith estimated so we either misread the pre-boil gravity (which was unlikely as we read it with a hydrometer and refractometer) or we had a lot of boil off. The rest of the brew went as planned.

We aerated all the wort with O2 and pitched the yeast in to both beers and stuck them in the ferm chamber. All in all it was a really good brew day…..OK every brew day is a great day.